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The one who started it all...

Wellesley is where it all began.  She was a premium oldenburg foal. Her sire was Welstern, and her dam sire was Wenzel.  A very strong dressage pedigree, and it showed.  She was a well built mare with strong sound bone, a big foot, and an outstanding long reaching trot.  I got her from New Hampshire with the warning that she was not easy to deal with, as a result of mishandling from a previous owner.  She resented humans and didn't want anything to do with us.  She was previously trained to 4th level dressage, and was sold to an amateur adult rider, who ended up becoming scared of her, and kept her confined for far to long.  As a result she became hard to ride, and had a bad attitude.  The owner decided to donate her to a local Veterinary College where she was utilized for testing, and destined for euthanasia. Fortunately her old owner/trainer Lyn was at that same college with another horse when she stumbled upon her.  After learning of her story and her fate she fought to bring her home and succeeded.  

Lyn brought her home, and she became a broodmare producing 2 foals for her.  The first was Vendela (our now broodmare) Sired by Aram and the 2nd was Zsa Zsa Sired by Prestige. Also a broodmare and show horse with team Jacques St. Pierre.  

Lyns life changed and the unfortunate decision to rehome Wellesley was made.  We were fortunate that Lyn chose Janako Farms for her final home.  We made the long 12 hr drive to pick her up.  

We bred her to the up and coming young stallion at the time VDL Ulando H (now deceased).  He was a young jumper who had immense scope, and superb conformation.  A stallion sired by Corland out of a mare by Ahorn.  A top jumping pedigree.  And the result was Cantina AV.  We wanted an athletic jumping horse with top movement, and we were not disappointed.  Cantina AV was raised, started, and shown by Janako Farms, prior to being sold on.  She now competes under the name Kyra.  She is owned by Christine Turner and campaigned by the Olympic rider Boyd Martin.  She is currently competing at the 3* level and has had many top placings.  With her strong apptitude for jumping, Boyd picks her to bring to the indoor eventing competitions that are held throughout the US and Canada.  Including Central Park NY, Devon Horse Show in Pennsylvania, and RAWF in Toronto. This is a horse we will never forget and will always be the one that got away.  


Afterwards we wanted to produce more of a Dressage horse out of Wellesley and turned to the stunning stallion Fabuleux.  The result was a stunning dark bay colt, who we named Finn.  Now shows as Finnomenal AV. He was also raised, trained, and shown by Janako Farms prior to his sale to Becky in Bermuda.  He is proving his versatility, by winning in both the Dressage ring and the hunter ring.  

After this point she was late teens and was no longer a candidate to be a broodmare.  She ended up finding a fabulous home as a companion horse with another aged mare, where she lived out her final days.  

Her foals were always social, and excellent competitors.  She is sadly missed, but lives on here at Janako through her daughter Vendela and her foals.  


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