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Our goal at Janako is to create happy, healthy, sound horses that have good rideability which comes from a foundation of education and proper handling, in order to aid in long happy relationships with their new owners.

Starting Sept 2023 We will be offering a few stalls for Sales, training clients in the Elite Facility Victorian Hills in the heart of King City.  Offering top level care for your horse, with the ability to campaign and show off your horse to the most discerning client.   

We are now offering a MOBILE MARKETING service to the industry.  We will come to you to prepare your horse for marketing as well as get all the necessary media you will need to present your horse for sale.  You can choose to use the media to market and sell your horse yourself or you may enlist our professional services to aid in your sale.  As we work on updating our website, please feel free to message us directly with your questions at 

We welcome you to explore our website. For further information on our services, please visit the appropriate page where you can find extensive information.

***It must be noted that since Janako Farms is a registered business HST 
is applicable on all services and most horse sales.***

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