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Buying and selling can be a very daunting experience.  Let Janako farms remove the pressure out of the process for you.  

We have years of experience, (Re)training and selling horses for our clients. Of all spectrums.  

We will:

  • Train and condition your horse in the appropriate discipline 

  • If needed show your horse to increase value

  • Take all media for marketing purposes, including Pictures of Conformation, and Performance, as well as video.  

  • Market and advertise your horse

  • Show your horse to prospective clients, including setting up meeting and answering all questions and inquiries

  • Arrange and be present for vetting 

  • Handle the Sales Contracts signatures

  • Handle any paper work necessary for boarder crossing. 

  • Handle with the finances and ensure you get payed in the end. 

This whole process and timeline from beginning to end varies depending on training level of the horse and knowledge of the horse prior to arrival, condition of the horse, qualities of the horse (gaits, attitude, athletic ability, physical build), soundness to pass a Pre Purchase Exam, and the end dollar value the owner wishes to gain from the sale.  


If you have any specific questions not answered here please don't hesitate to contact us Directly. 

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