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We take reproducing horses very seriously, and do our best to pick the best possible matches for our mares.  Sometimes that means not picking the most popular stallion as they would not compliment, or support the weaknesses and strengths of our mares.  As a trainer as well I try to pick a matching that I would want to ride and produce down the road. As well we strive to breed for a specific end goal in mind, with each pairing.   

We criticize, and thoroughly assess our mares to find out their strenghs and weaknesses.  We take them to inspections and listen closely to outside opinion to help determine a great cross for each mare.  We also religiously follow stallions and educate ourselves on different lines in many breeds and disciplines to determine traits that are passed on with certain lines, so we can have an even higher chance of picking the best cross. 

We try to pick stallions who's lineage has been proven time and time again, who prove to have the level of athleticism we are looking for, as a rideability factor that is so very important for our foals to succeed.


We manage the whole breeding end of business here, including following the cycle via ultrasound to track their cycles, manage post breeding work, as well as pregnancy checks at 14-16 days, and 25 plus days, to ensure that no twinning has occurred and to ensure that the pregnancy has been maintained.  With rigorous care and detail we do our best to achieve the best results we can with the use of Live Cover, Fresh Cooled, and Frozen semen work.  


In the next few years we'll be experimenting with doing embryo transfer work with our mares in an attempt to offer more custom choices on the same mare to multiple clients.  So stay tuned! 

Once our foals have safely hit the ground the training and handling starts almost immediately.  This ensures that our foals will have the best chances of success as they head out into their new homes.  Our foals will know how to lead, stand patiently, as well as be well behaved for the farrier and the vet.

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