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As a breeder and competitor, I understand the importance of starting a horse off correctly from day one. I strive to instill confidence and good solid basics in all the horses I start. Riding a youngster is not the same as riding a well-seasoned horse. It takes a different type of rider to understand the young mind of a horse in order to help mold it and in a positive manner. I understand that each horse is an individual and must be treated as such; however I follow these basic guidelines when I start my horses. 

The horse I work with are taught from the ground first, manners and respect are put in place, communication with my voice, and body are taught and the horse learns how to correctly carry themselves prior to ever putting my foot in the stirrup.


The introduction of tack is included in the above process, desensitization and reduction of the flight response also takes place. This helps to build your horses’ confidence in new situations, trust of their rider, and help to reduce problematic situations in the future. Your horse will also learn the acceptance of the rider, as well as the basic controls, balance, and correct response to the aids which are created from the hand/seat/weight/leg.

I will build on your horses’ exposure, confidence and skills undersaddle for a well-adjusted animal that will be more prepared to handle situations in the future. It’s just up to you to decide to which level you would like your horse educated to prior to going home. Their education can go for as long as you decide to.

Although young horses are my bread and butter, I am capable of bringing your horse along up through the competition levels.  

I currently compete in 3 day Eventing, Jumper, and Dressage. I also have plenty experience in the hunter/jumper ring especially with young horses and their show nerves. We have developed and showed horse in such classes as 5 yr old Jumper Developement Classes, 0.9 - 1.25 jumper classes, Dressage up to level 3, eventing up to Preliminary. 

I look forward to discussing your horses training needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for any type of horse; I do not discriminate between breeds or disciplines. Good solid basics are important no matter which sport your horse will participate in.

Gallery of some Janako Graduates 

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