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Ally T

July 24, 2018

I have been at Janako Farms for over a year now, and my children have improved their riding by leaps and bounds. Andrea breaks instruction down so well, that even my 10 year old son can understand technical concepts, and achieve great results. He is often the youngest rider in his jumper divisions or events and always in the ribbons. 
Andrea puts such a good start on her young stock, and care into breeding, we purchased one of her homebreds for my eldest daughter and are thrilled with Cartel AV. 
I recommend Janako Farms for anyone looking to dramatically improve their riding abilities, in a fun, laid back environment you don’t find at other show barns. 
Thank you Andrea for everything you do for my kids. The 2-legged and 4-legged alike!

Ali N

July 24, 2018

I’m thrilled and beyond excited for my daughters journey at Janako Farms. She has been riding there for 3 months now and since she has begun she has already participated in weekly/bi-weekly lessons, riding camp and her very first horse show. My husband and I don’t know much about horses so we’re extremely thankful to be in such good hands, willing to not only educate our daughter but also us!

Dorothy S

July 21, 2018

We recently moved to Janako in wintery January, and we are so thankful to be at such a caring professional facility. Everyone is helpful and knowledgeable, with a keen eye on horse health. I’m so impressed with the level of care we and Ryon receive at this 100 acre oasis…trails, sand ring, grass ring and indoor arena, heated tack room etc Helpful assistance in a positive respectful manner, expert lessons for every level of rider and a genuine concern for people and their horses Grateful to be at a facility that has a positive energy and ambiance, that’s so close to home.

Brianna S

July 21, 2018

I had the pleasure of being a student of Andrea for approximately 7 years. I came to Andrea wanting to improve my riding skills and start showing. As a coach she is extremely approachable and understanding, and has extensive knowledge of horses, both on and off the horse. After taking lessons with her for a few years I began to lease one of her homebred mares, Fiona. I have never ridden such a well behaved and well-mannered 3 year old. I fell in love with Fiona and we bought her a few years later! As a breeder and saleswoman, Andrea is honest and upfront, and she answered our extensive list of questions with no judgements (we were first time buyers). We boarded Fiona with Andrea for several years and the barn was always well kept, Fiona had constant access to fresh water and hay, and I never had to worry about Fiona getting the care she deserved. Andrea always makes time for her boarders and their horses! With Andreas coaching and training, Fiona and I went to our first show together and we worked our way up to OHTA pre-entry, entry, and pre-training champion! When we decided to breed and later sell Fiona, Andrea helped us every step of the way. I learned more than I ever anticipated from Andrea, from horse care to starting young horses to the ins and outs of the horse industry. As a former student, boarder, and employee of Andrea I cannot recommend her enough! If I am ever in the market to buy another horse or return to showing, Andrea will be my first call!


July 12, 2018 

"I have not been at Janako farm for long, only a few months, but I can honestly say that I have never felt more at home than I have here. Andrea had the perfect horse for me to get back into riding after having my baby. Her beloved stallion. I fell in love with him. Unfortunately he had passed suddenly a month or so after so I was out of the saddle. In that time of one of her most beloved horses passing she was very comforting and made every effort to make me feel like I could still stick around. After I would come to the farm just to hang out and spend some time with the other horses and to distract her workers with chit chat � A month or so later I started riding a different wonderful horse that she had put me in connection with and I couldnt be happier. I have tagged along to shows and helped out around the farm. I am so impressed with the care these animals receive. Not to mention the beautiful babies that she has, with the most potential. I have learned more about the horse world in the short time I've been around. I can't be more proud than to call Janako my barn family. The people, the horses, and the environment are everything you could ever want. I highly recommend Andrea, you won't be disappointed."


June 26, 2018

"I love the lessons so much that I drive 3 hours for each one!!"


Feb 7, 2018

"I just purchased my dream horse from Andrea and she was wonderful throughout the process!"


Nov 23, 2017

"My daughter has a dressage horse with Andrea who is very talented and knowledgeable equine professional with horses and has the gift that horses trust her."


July 31, 2017

"My 14 year old daughter has her dressage horse in training with Andrea and she loves the full facility and the talented Andrea."


June 17, 2017

"Professional, honest, and great results! I highly recommend training services and sales brokerage to anyone"


Nov 22, 2016

"Andrea is a wonderful trainer. She had my three year old Oldenburg and within 4 months she was in show horse condition complete with flying changes. I highly recommend this farm for anyone looking to put professional miles on their horse."


Jan 22, 2016

"Andrea is a very gifted rider who does an amazing job starting young horses, retraining and developing horses to competition. She started both of my young horses, giving them strong foundations that I could continue bringing along to competition. I would highly recommend her. She is one of the hardest working and most honest person I know."


Jan 9,2016

"I moved in the summer of 2015 and exactly one week later I left to backpack for a month and a half. At first I was quite nervous as it was a new move and if anything went wrong I would be half way across the world. But Andrea put my nerves to rest as throughout my trip she messaged me to keep me updated with one his progress and two his health. Now a few months down the road Aps is a healthy, happy TB and Andrea took me under her wing as a student and a few days ago I started one of her home bred horse's. Andrea is amazing, not only is she a remarkable trainer and coach, but she is a kind and caring person. I would highly recommend Andrea and Janako Farms for training, coaching and boarding."


Dec 22,2015

"I would highly recommend Andrea with the handling and care of any horse.We moved earlier this year and have been extremely happy with the care of our furry friend :). Our "difficult" horse has never been more calm and content. It's wonderful to come to the barn and enjoy a relaxed, drama free environment (for both rider and horse). 
Andrea is also a wonderful coach and trainer. My daughter had a bad fall/injury at a previous barn that resulted in a lack of confidence. She was very skeptical with learning with a new coach. Andrea has been very patient and understanding; gaining my daughter's trust - they now have a great rapport. My daughter has learned so much and, more importantly, has gained so much confidence."


Dec 13, 2015

"I would trust Andrea with any horse. I moved my horse to her farm in June of 2015, and he was in very rough shape. He had lost a lot of weight at the previous facility, and he is an extraordinarily challenging horse to put weight on (nearly impossible, to be honest). Andrea was so flexible and willing to do whatever it took to get him back on track. Life circumstances changed, and in September, I moved to British Columbia temporarily, and left my horse boarded with Andrea. I got home last week, and went to see him- knowing that with his history, it would be a toss up whether he had gained much weight, but I was confident that he was in great hands either way. 
I got to the barn and I've been smiling ever since. My greyhound thoroughbred looks better than he's looked in a very long time, and on top of his weight gain, he's more relaxed and happy than I've ever seen him. I had never felt so at ease leaving my horse in somebody's care, and to get home and see that he had come leaps and bounds in the three months since I last saw him was a wonderful early christmas present. 

An extremely capable and talented rider, but also a true horse person who genuinely cares about her boarders as though they were her own; I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea to anybody."


May 16, 2015

"I have an absolutely amazing, but head strong and too-smart-for-his-own-good, QH- as it happens to many first time owners, we got a little more than we initially bargained for with Jazz! Andrea has been instrumental in helping us get to a point where we can really become a team. She goes above and beyond for her students and clients and is always willing to answer questions and offer some pointers along the way! :)"


Nov 14, 2014

"Andrea has worked with a couple of my horses and she has always done an excellent job with them. She is honest and straight forward with you, and keeps you posted on her progress with your horse. I have recommended her to others who have used her, they were also very happy with the results and like me, they are repeat customers! She does the best braiding jobs ever also!"


Nov 14, 2014

"I have boarded at the barn Andrea has been training out of for six years and watched her bring along youngsters and fix problem horses and have said all along that one day I wanted a "Volasko horse." As a middle aged rider who experienced a fall that didn't do major physical damage, but got in my head and froze me - I found a new horse I was interested in, but he was only 3 and just green broke. Not exactly what I had in mind, but exactly the horse I wanted. She rode him, putting steering and better brakes on him in twenty minutes. I got on, rode a few minutes and she said, "This is the one for you!" Leap of faith and a trainer/coach I trusted and now I have a youngster who may not be as fancy as some of the others she has worked with, but has received the same great training. What he lacks in style he makes up for with confidence and enthusiasm. (She giggles after every jump - "he's so much fun!") And he takes good care of me. When I have my days and the fear creeps in, she is patient, but gently pushes me out of my comfort zone as far as she can. I have my "Volasko horse," not to mention a dear friend. I really can't recommend her enough!"


Nov 14, 2015

"I cannot recommend Andrea enough for starting horses under saddle. The first time I sent her a horse was 4 years ago when I was pregnant and unable to back the horse myself. Since then I have spoiled myself by sending her ALL my ponies to start!
I operate a small Connemara pony breeding program and I am looking forward to Andrea continuing her training with the second stallion I've sent to her. 
She does a simply brilliant job with the youngsters and I won't hesitate to continue sending her my ponies to start their careers!"

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